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Center for Empowerment Studies (CES Halle)

Research Center for Christian Empowerment in Secularity

Faculty of Theology at the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

One research center - three research units


News and Events 

ICEF Tagung in Halle am CES / MKG

Yearly Meeting of the International Consultation on Ecclesial Futures (ICEF)

From June 10 to 14, 2024, the annual consultation of the ICEF (International Consultation on Ecclesial Futures) took place in Halle in cooperation

Bishops’ Conference VELKD

How can the church be rethought and redesigned if it is consistently understood as church in a secular society? How can international and
Das Bild zeigt einen Computer-Screenshot. In sechs Kacheln unterteilt sieht man die verschiedenen Teilnehmer:innen eines CES-Talk per Videokonferenz mit der Landesbischöfin Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt.

CES-Talk with regional bishop Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt

What challenges does church leadership currently face? What expectations of theological research arise from this? These and other exciting questions were the topic
Cover Evangelisation Verlosung


We cordially invite you to an online conference on April 4, 2024 about the book and a discussion about future perspectives for evangelism.
Foto: Jörg Hammerbacher

How can the communication of the Gospel succeed under the current conditions of secularity? How can people experience the gospel as enabling and empowering for the way they live their lives? The CES conducts research with different focuses on Christian empowerment in religious education and practical theological contexts. In the joint research colloquium, exchange takes place with guests and with each other. 

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Foto: Jörg Hammerbacher

A central part of the work at the CES is the transfer of knowledge between the university and the church, between academic research and church or school work. A lively exchange with full-time and volunteer workers from communities, schools and social welfare organizations enriches our research, and conversely we make research results fruitful for practice.

Foto: Jörg Hammerbacher

The CES carries out tasks in research, teaching and knowledge transfer. The connection of theory and practice, of different disciplines and different theological traditions as well as the international and ecumenical scope characterize the work in the CES.

Theological Studies and Research in Halle (Saale)

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CES Halle - Center for Empowerment Studies - Forschungszentrum Christliches Empowerment in der Säkularität
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